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Manufacturing Facility


54,000-square-foot H&B manufacturing facility


Roseville, California


Multi-shift operation able to answer customer demands


An automated machining department with CNC lathes, a robotic welder, anilox engraving & more

Harris & Bruno International takes pride in running a very clean and efficient shop featuring state-of-the-art automated machinery.

Our floor features contemporary, advanced machinery that many customers tell us is far and above what’s in competitors’ plants.

From a 5-axis, vertical CNC milling machine with 160 inches of travel to a horizontal CNC pallet-pull machine capable of running 44 different parts at the same time, Harris & Bruno has invested heavily in automated equipment. We strongly believe in the vertical integration principle that being able to manufacture finished products from raw materials in-house gives us an advantage in maintaining dependable quality control.

Harris & Bruno machinists range in experience from senior-level journeymen to young, aspiring apprentices. We invest in apprentices because we’re thinking about the company’s longevity and being able to thrive in the future. 

Following the 5S workplace organization methodology, Harris & Bruno maintains a very clean house. For that we expect high output and high quality from our workers. New machinists often say our plant is the cleanest place they’ve ever worked. This makes it easier for them to rise up and work harder than in a low-lit, dirty environment.

“I love to show it off,” President Nick Bruno said about the Harris & Bruno facility. “I love to give tours. People always have such positive reaction from what they see. When customers visit us they know they’re going to get a quality product at a fair price because we’re so clean and efficient at what we do.” 

 Pictures of Harris & Bruno International manufacturing plant in Roseville, CA:

  Manufacturing Facility  
 Harris & Bruno machinery  



Pictures of Harris & Bruno Europe’s warehouse in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany:


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