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A key element to Harris & Bruno International’s success is the care with which we interact with partners. We consider customers, industry colleagues and employees all to be our partners. Repeatedly, Harris & Bruno answers to and relies upon strong relationships of dependability.

As our customers have specific application needs, we answer them with innovative products and automated systems. We offer an unparalleled satisfaction guarantee delivered through knowledgeable and friendly staff.  

As industry colleagues come together to support each other or educational foundations to make sure we remain strong, Harris & Bruno takes part.

As our employees are members of the local community, so is Harris & Bruno. From being members of the Roseville Chamber of Commerce to taking part in food drives, supporting local robotics teams or offering educational field trips to local schools, Harris & Bruno gives back often to show we are a participating and caring member of the Greater Sacramento Area.

Please read below to learn more. If you are interested in a field trip through the Harris & Bruno manufacturing plant, or other community relations information, please contact us at (916) 781-7676.

LHS Students Enjoy Tour of Harris & Bruno International

Part of Manufacturing Day celebration, students learn about career opportunities


Above, Lincoln High Students in the “Engineering Track” pose for a group picture in front of the Harris & Bruno Company sign after touring the manufacturing facility as part of the national Manufacturing Day efforts.

Above, H&B employee Mike Marshall shows students how H&B utilizes CNC lathes to turn  roll cores that they supply to the printing industry. H&B is a global provider of high performance printing and coating equipment. 

Above, Harris & Bruno employee Her Yang encourages students to press buttons while learning about the equipment H&B manufactures for the printing industry.

H&B employee Jim Riga leads a class discussion for LHS students about the Roseville manufacturing company. Below, H&B employee Brennan Kemp shows students how equipment is assembled.

St. Rose School Students Tour Roseville Manufacturing Facility 

Students learn about career options, worldwide impact of Roseville business.

 Above, Lead Assembly Technician Brennan Kemp demonstrates to St. Rose School 6th Grade Students the intricacies of assembling machinery at Harris & Bruno International in Roseville. During the recent educational field trip, students learned about how products go from engineering to manufacturing to customers, as well as the importance of understanding various cultures and languages for worldwide business. Students also learned about the various careers in the manufacturing industry before being led to demonstration stations across the manufacturing floor. The demonstrations included a robotic welder, tool room mill, laser engraver, electrical assembly, and mechanical assembly. Harris & Bruno International manufactures inking/coating systems for the printing industry.


Below, students learn about assembly lines in the circulator/electrical assembly area of the H&B manufacturing facility.


Oakmont High Students Tour H&B Facility During Manufacturing Day Events

Students learn about career opportunities in the manufacturing sector

H&B Manufacturing Day Tour  OHS Manufacturing Day Tour

Roseville's Oakmont High School students enjoy a tour of the Harris & Bruno International facility led by Engineering & Service Director Jim Riga. Harris & Bruno opened its doors to local high school students in October 2013 to join in the annual Manufacturing Day celebration. It's a time when students and the community are encouraged to learn about the careers and innovations in America's manufacturing industry.

OHS Manufacturing Day Tour  OHS Manufacturing Day Tour

Rocklin High Students See Careers, Hear Advice at H&B Manufacturing Facility

Engineering Support Tech students ask educated questions, learn how to succeed in Engineering field

H&B Factory Tour  H&B Factory Tour for RHS students

Rocklin High School Engineering Support Technology students enjoy an educational tour of the Harris & Bruno International manufacturing facility in Roseville on Thursday. The tour was part of an outreach program to show students how the engineering skills they’re learning could turn into a successful profession.

ROSEVILLE, Calif. – Fires of interest were left burning brighter for Rocklin High School engineering students after receiving a tour through the Harris & Bruno International manufacturing facility.

“It was fun to see this crazy big machinery shop,” said RHS Junior Samantha Martin, 16, who’s looking forward to a career in engineering or medicine. “Seeing operation of the 5-axis CNC machine, the water jet machine and all the equipment was the best part of the tour.”

Senior Hugo Le Rouzo, 17, also was among the 11 RHS Engineering Support Technologies students at the Harris & Bruno facility on Oct. 18. Hugo is planning to pursue an engineering degree, but he’d never seen the workplace of such a career before. “It’s good to see what you’re going to do,” he added.

RHS teacher Dan Frank said his favorite parts of the visit were when students’ eyes darted to him with a new understanding of the real-life applications of their classroom activities.

“I’m getting so many looks and so many comments from my students, like, ‘Wow, I’m starting to understand what you’re trying to do,’” Frank said. “It was so beneficial for our students to be able to talk with adults in the engineering and machining industry so that they could see themselves in these professions.”

In addition to touring the facility, meeting engineers and talking to employees about the equipment they operate, students benefited from advice from Harris and Bruno managers.

Jim Riga, Director of Engineering & Service, explained how getting involved in campus clubs and competitions at college exposed him to companies seeking interns and to professors who often are aware of employment opportunities. An internship led to a job after he graduated. He was able to advance his career through several promotions by demonstrating his desire to contribute to the company.

“Businesses are looking for employees with a good attitude and who are happy to come to work,” said Riga. “You must have a desire to add value, demonstrate a good work ethic, believe that good enough isn’t good enough, be solution oriented and ask, ‘What can I do to help the company be successful?’”

Students gained interview advice from Courtney Wickens, Human Resources Manager. “When you are being considered for a job, you are likely to talk with Human Resources first,” said Wickens. “Making it through to the next interview is about character and drive to be part of the team as well as your ability to do the work. Show your passion, be dynamic and communicate that you want to contribute to the company.”

Learn more about Harris & Bruno International by watching the H&B corporate movie at

The tour for Rocklin High School was supported by the Sierra College STEM Collaborative to encourage students to consider STEM careers in design, engineering and manufacturing. This is one of several tours being offered by local employers as an extension of Manufacturing Day 2012

Students benefit when educators and industry collaborate, explained Carol Pepper-Kittredge, Director, Center for Applied Competitive Technologies, Sierra College. “As a business partner, Harris & Bruno has been working with Sierra College for years,” Pepper-Kittredge said. “The company has hired our students, supported high school robotics clubs, served on advisory committees and helped educators understand businesses’ needs so they can better prepare students for employment. This tour will positively impact students’ career plans.”

H&B Factory Tour for RHS students  RHS students pose for picture at Harris & Bruno sign

Left, Rocklin High School Engineering Support Technology students grasp coated sheets of paper to gain an understanding of what Harris & Bruno equipment does. Right, the class poses for a picture after the tour next to the Harris & Bruno company sign at 8555 Washington Blvd, Roseville.

It’s time for printing industry to support Japanese partners

Donate to ‘Printing Industry Supporting Japan Earthquake & Pacific Tsunami’ fund

Harris & Bruno encourages printing industry to support Japanese partners

Printing Industry Colleagues:

Our industry is supported by equipment from all over the world, including items from Japan. Through silent or obvious ways, we have benefited from trusted partnerships with Japanese people, companies and products for many years. Therefore it is very appropriate that we display solidarity with our Japanese colleagues through helping them through their current crisis.

I invite you to support the American Red Cross today in response to the devastating Japan Earthquake & Pacific Tsunami. Your gift to the American Red Cross will support their disaster relief efforts.

To donate to the Red Cross fund titled “Printing Industry Supporting Japan Earthquake & Pacific Tsunami,” please click on the following link:

The name of each donating company will appear on the donation page. Together we can then show support for our partners and friends in Japan.


Nick Bruno


Harris & Bruno International

Youngsters learn of manufacturing, applying math & science, possible careers

St. Rose Students Enjoy Tour of Harris & Bruno Facility

Left, St. Rose School students handle seals while Harris & Bruno Machinist Neil McGuire discusses how they are manufactured in the Roseville plant. Right, CNC Machinist Scott Alvarado demonstrates how a mill cuts designs into metal.

ROSEVILLE, CA – For 12-year-old Casey, watching automated machines cut and weld metal was most interesting. For 11-year-old Taylor, it was learning about package printing and seeing the colors on a bag of potato chips magnified to the level of tiny dots.

Each of the 35 St. Rose School sixth-grade students who participated in a fieldtrip through Harris & Bruno International’s manufacturing plant in Roseville on March 29 took away an inspiring memory. And that was the point.

“It was perfect for this age group,” their teacher, Barbara Cole, said. “There was enough variety to keep them interested. Hands were up; they were engaged.”

Harris & Bruno International has been manufacturing auxiliary equipment for printing presses for more than 60 years. Current products focus on inking and coating systems. Part of the company’s long-standing commitment to community involvement includes offering fieldtrips to area students.

“Manufacturing in the U.S. is not something you see everywhere,” Harris & Bruno President Nick Bruno said. “We’re proud of what we do and want students to see and understand the hard work that goes into the products they so easily purchase and use every day. If students see and touch the manufacturing process, it’s better than just imagining what it might be. It also broadens the possibilities of future career choices.”

The day’s fieldtrip began with President Nick Bruno explaining what the company does. He held up a bag of potato chips.

“When you look at something like this, how do you think the words, picture and colors got there,” he asked the students. “It’s actually a bunch of tiny dots that printing presses put onto the bag material. It’s then covered in a smooth coating. Many of the products we manufacture specialize in applying the perfect amount of ink and coating to items like this so the ink doesn’t smear, crack or come off on your hands and clothes.”

Students were amazed to see the bag of chip’s tiny printing dots as the bag was passed around with a special magnifying glass. Bruno also told students about the company’s international business, the importance of learning a foreign language, and career possibilities available in the printing industry.

After learning about the manufacturing industry and process, students began their tour of the Harris & Bruno manufacturing plant – where parts are made and finished into complete products. Demonstrations were given of the robotic welder, electrical assembly, mechanical assembly, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) lathes and milling machines, and a laser that engraves tiny cells in anilox rolls. The cells are roughly the width of a human hair, and can be filled or left empty in microscopic detail to allow for precise coating applications.

12-year-old Nicholas’ favorite part of the day was watching the laser in action.

“It’s interesting how small a hole it can make,” he said. About the fieldtrip overall, Nicholas liked it “because we got to see all the machines work.”

Students were then led through Harris & Bruno’s administrative section and told how each department works together in overall company operations.

“It was great,” said Donielle Wieser, a parent who accompanied the students. “It was very informative, organized and on task. It’s good for the kids to see a different side of things – real working people – and not just museums.”

Teacher Barbara Cole said the fieldtrip was a definite win for St. Rose School students.

“I’d like to say thank you,” she added. “There are very accessible and pleasant people at Harris & Bruno. Many of the employees were telling students what subjects they needed to focus on in order to enter their particular career fields. That’s very helpful for the students.” 

Harris & Bruno Honored for Investment and Expansion in Sac Region

Harris & Bruno Honored for Investment and Expansion in Sac Region

ROSEVILLE, CA – In recognition of Harris & Bruno International’s commitment to invest and expand business in the Greater Sacramento Region, the Sacramento Area Commerce and Trade Organization (SACTO) recently honored H&B with “The Inside Track” award at the Salute to New Industry event.

“It was an honor to be recognized,” Harris & Bruno President Nick Bruno said about the event held in early March. “There are many other innovative and hardworking companies in the region. It’s great to be one of so many.”

Harris & Bruno has been manufacturing auxiliary equipment for printing presses for more than 60 years. Current products focus on inking and coating systems, specializing in anilox rolls, chambered doctor blade systems and pumping solutions.

The company moved from the Bay Area to Roseville in 1993. An expansion took place this past year in order to offer customers a full-service anilox roll program.

With this expansion, Harris & Bruno is now the most vertically integrated supplier of anilox rolls in the USA. Now, anilox roll core manufacturing, ceramic coating, laser engraving, cell cleaning, and cell measuring and certification all happen in the Roseville plant.

There was discussion within Harris & Bruno of creating the new anilox roll division in Nevada. But the benefits of expanding in Roseville included the synergy of having everything under one roof, a better workers’ comp rating in California and the fact that Roseville Electric’s power is less expensive than Nevada’s.

Local advantages of Harris & Bruno’s expansion include increasing staff by 8 percent and increasing sales by 20 percent.

“It is clear that we have much to celebrate as a region,” SACTO Chair Brice Harris said. “It was truly inspiring to welcome and pay tribute to this year’s honored companies and to recognize the continued success of companies that are powering prosperity and innovation in this region. The spirit of Sacramento is alive and well as evidenced by the achievements highlighted at this year’s Salute to New Industry.”   

H&B Honored for Supporting Student Robotics Team

Plaque awarded for Continued Sponsorship & Support

H&B Honored for Supporting Student Robotics Team

ROSEVILLE, CA – Harris & Bruno International is proud to receive a plaque honoring the Sponsorship and Support of the South Placer County Robotics Team.

“The students of today will be the industry leaders of tomorrow,” Harris & Bruno President Nick Bruno said. “As the Harris & Bruno plant manufactures auxiliary components for printing presses every day, so are we on the constant lookout to employ people who excel at math, science and engineering. We happily support the robotics team as an investment in the future.”

The South Placer robotics team, “Renevatio,” has been participating in the FIRST Robotics competition since 2000. Students work with technical mentors to design, construct and test a robot that meets prescribed criteria for six weeks in January and February. The team competes in a robotics sports competition that changes every year. The 2009 competition, LUNACY, took place on a low-friction track that stimulated the 1/6th gravity of the moon. Points were received by shooting game balls into the opposing team’s trailer. FIRST Robotics began in 1992 and attracts over 1,500 teams of 38,000 high school students.

For many students, it is the first time that they have applied mathematics, physics, design, communication and computer programming to something real, according to team coach Stephen Miller of Granite Bay High School. “This is experiential learning in its truest form,” Miller said. “As a result of being on the team, many of my former students have gone on to pursue technical careers.”

Harris & Bruno International has been providing printing and coating solutions to the printing industry for more than 60 years. With offices in America, Europe and Asia, and with expert engineers on site with know-how in all your printing and anilox needs, we provide superior global sales, service and support. Please visit for more details.

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