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  • Controlled moisture content and protective packaging
  • Ability to run higher piles/loads with no offset
  • FDA & USDA approved for food packaging
  • High crush resistant particles
  • Coated, low dust, and low adhesion powders available
  • Eliminate set-off in high pile deliveries
  • Elevated level of worldwide service & support

At Harris & Bruno, we take special care in processing our powders so that particle adherence between the starch granules is virtually eliminated.

Regardless of your ambient humidity, the powders will not cake or clog, resulting in free-flowing characteristics and even powder dispersion for maximum offset protection. No longer do you have to worry about powder build-up on tubes or nozzles, or powder bombs onto the sheet or web.

We offer a large inventory of anti-offset spray powders available to suit most any application. Supported by years of extensive research and development, we are able to offer our powders in regular, coated, low dust, and low adhesion formulas.

At Harris & Bruno, every measure is taken to ensure you a consistent and high-quality batch each and every time. We are so confident that our product is the best that we will even send you a free sample with no obligation! Don't wait, call us today!


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