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Harris & Bruno offers a wide variety of web coating machines to go inline with any web press.

The H&B ExcelCoat ZRWD is a high speed duplex web coater that combines versatile, robust machinery with the high quality coating application that H&B customers need. With 22”,  30”, and 42” variations, the ZRWD is made to fit inline and at-speed with any high speed web press. With a wide range of substrate handling capabilities, the ExcelCoat ZRWD is the ideal solution for direct mail printers and web folding carton printers alike.

Fully integratable inline with HP T400 Press, the H&B Simplex Web Coater can also be utilized away from the press with dedicated unwind and rewind. The H&B Simplex Web Coater is a perfect solution for the printer who is looking for cost savings associated with purchasing pre-treated media, as well as printers looking to add value to their print by overcoating. 

Web Coater for Priming/Coating

  • Integrated Web Centering
  • Isolated Tension Control
  • Infeed & Outfeed Idler Rolls
  • High-Powered IR Dryer
  • Inline Priming or Coating
  • Capable of Running Near Line
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ExcelCoat Web Coater

  • Simplex or duplex coating application
  • Primer and/or over-print varnish (with spot coating optional)
  • Chamber/Anilox System
  • Fully Automated Fluid Handling
  • Servo Driven Web Guide
  • UV and/or IR Curing Section
  • Quick Change Sleeve System for Applicator and Anilox (optional)
  • Linear Actuators and Stepper Motors for Roller Positioning
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